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Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO)

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Started in 1993, CAMO is a humanitarian organization that improves the lives of people by strengthening health care systems and promoting sustainable community development.  Kathryn Tschiegg, the founder, witnessed the hard truths of medical needs in Central America during her time as a registered nurse in the Peace Corps and committed her life to making things better.In 2007, Robert Goodwin (CEO of Executives Without Borders) was doing extensive work in Honduras helping to improve access to safe water and improve health conditions.  During one of the trips he came across Central American Medical Outreach (CAMO) in Santa Rosa de Copan.  He was impressed by the impact he witnessed and the strength of their local engagement and community development. He believed he needed to help drive more resources to CAMO and help tell their story to the world.  So when Executives Without Borders was founded, CAMO became one of the first projects.

The lack of medical care and community development in Honduras is staggering. Most do not have the money or means to access the care they need.  Fathers cannot afford to take time of work to receive care, and many women cannot go to the doctor because there is no one to look after their children.

For the few that can afford the $3 a day it costs to stay in a hospital, they still often must share beds and bring their own blankets and supplies the hospitals are unable to provide.

To support the Honduran healthcare system and community development, CAMO runs 16 medical programs and provides over 176,000 medical services each year.  CAMO was named the most fiscally responsible NGO by the Honduran Ministry of Finance multiplying every $1 donated into $4 of service.


Value Added Engagements

Executives Without Borders assists CAMO in two primary ways.  First, is to strengthen their operations through the engagement of companies and business professionals. Second, is to create conditions for CAMO’s fundraising success to ensure their long-term sustainability.


Completed engagements with CAMO:

  • Warehousing and Inventory Management – strengthened the visibility of inventory between their United States and Honduran warehouses ensuring effective delivery of equipment and supplies to over 127 different hospitals and clinics in Honduras.
  • Case study – captured the model of CAMO and key aspects of its success.
  • Marketing – worked with the Dow Chemical Company to develop 5 high quality videos to tell the story of CAMO’s work.  We also assisted CAMO with a social media program and helped them kick-start it by funding part of a staff member’s salary for 6 months.
  • Website – assisted with the creation of a new website as well as a search engine optimization program.
  • Human Resources – helped advise on aspects of key personnel changes and participated in joint Honduran and US Board meetings.
  • Business Planning – Assessed revenue generating areas of CAMO’s operations to find ways to maximize returns and minimize costs.  Honduran staffs were trained in financial management tools to be able to run similar assessments and to make effective resource allocation decisions.

We foresee this to be a partnership that will continue to grow as the years pass and that we will have a major impact on CAMO’s long-term sustainability.  We also believe that CAMO’s model is one that should be shared and replicated in other parts of the world.



“When I started CentralAmerican Medical Outreach in Honduras I was a frugal nurse, focused solely on saving needless deaths. I am thankful Executives Without Borders saw our potential- and brought their professional volunteers to us. Now, we have a new website, and a series of compelling videos highlighting our work. They have created conditions for us to share our model with a broader audience, and have taken our 17-year-old organization to the next level. I’m so thankful for their support.”

– Kathy Tschiegg, RN, BBA, CAMO Founder and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer


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Christian – Prosthetic Patient

Sophia – Domestic Violence Survivor

Marie Torres – Cervical Cancer Survivor

Stephanie – Neonatal Survivor

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Jeff Pelletier in Honduras