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Program Name: Ramase Lajan

Haiti Ramase LajanThe Program: Ramase Lajan, “Picking up Money” in Créole, is a solution to several major problems throughout Haiti.

1. A realistic and sustainable solution to recycling the hundreds of millions of tons of plastic that is clogging the canals, heaping up on roadsides and washing up onto Haiti’s otherwise beautiful beaches nationwide.

2. Promotes job creation and income generation across Haiti. It empowers Haitians, and especially Haitian women, to earn significant incomes to support their families and transform their circumstances resulting in more dignity, more food and less vulnerability.

The Basics:

  • People collect plastic and sell it to a Ramase Lajan Center at a publicized fair market price
  • The Center sorts, crushes and transports the plastic to our local partner, Haiti Recycling
  • Haiti Recycling reimburses the Center’s payout costs, provides monies to cover transport costs and pays out a guaranteed profit margin
  • Haiti Recycling washes and grinds the plastic into a valuable flake product and sells it on the world market
  • Haiti Recycling uses its profits to buy more plastic from the communities

With the help of donors offsetting start-up costs, we are placing community collection centers throughout the country. These centers, which are franchise locations of Haiti Recycling, are individually owned and operated by Haitian entrepreneurs. This model gives talented individuals the chance to provide for their families and help provide income and employment for others while cleaning up the communities where they live.


Program Partners

Collection Center

Haiti Recycling

A Haitian family owned and operated business with decades of recycling expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and international contacts that purchase their processed plastics. Haiti Recycling’s continued investments in infrastructure and economies of scale for plastic processing are what make this program possible.

CSS International Holdings 

CSS provides critical construction, fabrication, logistics, supply and other support services for the NGO community and governments worldwide in emerging and post-disaster environments. CSS helped fund the development of Ramase Lajan, manufactures the units using Haitian labor and subsidizes the cost of each collection center.


Sponsoring Partners

Samaritan’s Purse

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation

The Dow Chemical Company

NEGES Foundation

Pittsburgh Kids Foundation

Parish of St. Jude – Haiti

Executives Without Borders Donors

The Taylor Family


How You Can Help

Donate to support the Ramase Lajan program in Haiti


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Program Information

Ramase Lajan Overview (PDF)

Ramase Lajan Overview – French (PDF)

For the full program report please email us at ContactUs@execwb.org



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