Who is ExecWB?

Our Model: Advocating for Systemic Change

We’re part of a movement. Where a collection of people have become a force for good. It’s about harnessing the untapped knowledge of business professionals and companies from around the globe.

At Executives Without Borders (ExecWB) our programs and projects provide the platform to provide results.  We demonstrate how business professionals and their companies can make a positive impact around the world and in the communities where they operate.  From logistics professionals streamlining the warehousing and delivery of medical supplies in Honduras to IT professionals fixing email issues in the slums of Brazil, ExecWB is there guiding progress.

While we transform individual professionals and deliver sustainable results, our ultimate goal is to bring that change to entire companies, and for companies to integrate social responsibility into their core business.

Our dream is that philanthropy and corporate social responsibility will at some point just become good business practices.  And more companies will find that it’s possible to do well while doing good.

We hope that someday we’ll be put out of work. That someday Executives Without Borders will not need to exist.  But, for now, we are sorely needed. And we need you.


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